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Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Arizona
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Arizona
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Consumer Information



 Insurance Consumer Information
What is insurance and why do I need it? What are the different types of insurance? How do I file a claim? These questions and more can be answered at www.TrustedChoice.com





Auto Insurance
Why do I need auto insurance? How much coverage do I need? Teenage Drivers?


House & Apartment
What does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover? Why do I need renter’s insurance?

Health Insurance
What are the different types of health insurance? What is a deductible?

Business Insurance
Why do I need business insurance? Will business insurance protect my home-based business?


 Quick Read Consumer Brochures
IIABA and Trusted Choice have prepared brochures on a variety of insurance-related topics including auto, home, life, health and business. Use these comprehensive consumer guides to learn the ins and outs of insurance and find out how to better protect yourself. 






 How to Obtain Auto Insurance without U.S. Citizenship

Easy to read pdf brochure created by the IIAB of Arizona to explain the facts of getting caught driving without insurance and how a person can obtain Personal Automobile Insurance without U.S. Citizenship.  This brochure also refers to the independent agencies for quotes.

                         English Version                      Spanish Version



 Insurance Resources for Consumers
The Arizona Department of Insurance's Resource for Consumers.  Click Here

Automobile Section Includes:
Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding How Insurers Use Credit Information
Auto Insurance Premium Comparison Survey
Personal Lines Complaint Ratio
Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance


  Homeowners section includes:
Homeowners Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
Homeowners Insurance Premium Comparison Survey
Consumer's Guide to Homeowners Insurance
Mobile Home Insurance Premium Survey



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