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Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
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An insurance license is required for any individual or firm who, for compensation, will solicit, negotiate, or procure insurance, or investigate or negotiate settlements of claims arising under insurance contracts. 

In accordance with Arizona statutes and regulations, the Arizona Department of Insurance grants the following types of licenses to qualified individuals: Agent, Broker, Solicitor, Bail Bond Agent, Adjuster, and Suplus Lines Broker.

Basic Requirements:

1.   be 18 years old;

2.   be a resident of Arizona, or of a state which extends similar licensing privileges to Arizona residents;

3.   pass the appropriate exam(s) relevent to the desired types or lines of authority, unless:

     a.  the applicant is applying for a license covering the same kind(s) of insurance as to which the applicant was  
          licensed in Arizona (other than a temporary license) within six months preceding the date of application; or

     b.  the applicant resides in a state (outside Arizona) with which Arizona has a reciprocal arrangement by which each
          state will exempt from the examination requirements applicants licensed in the other state. 

4.   file a license application (with required supplementary information and required fees);

5.   intend to use the license for other than procuring insurance for yourself or family.

Note: for an adjuster's license, the applicant must have and maintain an office in Arizona accessible to the public. For a solicitors license, the applicant must be appointed as a solicitor by a licensed resident agent or broker subject to the granting of a license.  For a surplus lines brokers license, the applicant must be licensed as an agent or broker and must pass the surplus lines broker examination.

Various other requirements exist relative to specific license types.  For additional information contact: The Arizona Departments of Insurance's Insurance Licensing Section Hotline at 1-602-912-8470 or visit their web site at

License Examination(s)
The Arizona Department of Insurance has contracted with Thomson Prometric to administer the license exams.  For the examinations requirements or questions contact Thomson Prometric at 1-800-853-5448 or visit their web site at 

Licensing Course and Exam Simulator
The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Arizona has an indepth seminar for property and casualty licenses and offers computerized licensing practice exams:

P&C Licensing Plus Seminar
This three week agents preparation course is designed to give the student an overall introduction to property and casualty insurance and at the same time aid in the successful completion of the State Property and Casualty Exam. Our last Licensing Plus course resulted with more than 90% of those taking the examination passing on their first attempt. Our secret?
  Through programmed learning. The student is not exposed to just the minimum information necessary to pass. The student is expected to utilize out-of-class time for reading and study. This is not a lecture only course. The "graduate" has more than exam topics to prepare for their career.

Exam Simulator
This Windows based computer program simulates that state insurance licensing exam experience for Property/Casualty.  This program takes the guesswork out of studying by familiarizing you with the question and computer format of the Arizona licensing exam. Upon completion of this exam, the Simulator generates a computerized score sheet that pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses on the topics you will be tested on.  You can then choose to receive additional questions relating to the topics which warrant further review.

This program is conveniently priced at only $109.95 (workbook included).  To order simply call 1-602-956-1851,
1-800-627-3356 or e-mail



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