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Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) Designation Program
First and foremost, CISR is a practical program, stressing the understanding and analysis of risks and exposures. The Program is comprised of nine one-day courses covering all phases of the CSR’s daily work. Each course is followed by an optional one-hour examination. The CISR Program includes the following subjects:

1IC : Commercial Casualty I –
This course strengthens your ability to have productive, assured interactions with your commercial customers in the area of commercial casualty exposures and coverages. You will improve your understanding of legal liability and what creates liability exposures. The focus of this course is the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form. This course also addresses additional insured exposures and the coverage available to meet these needs.

Topics include Essentials of Legal Liability, CGL Introduction, Commercial General Liability, Coverage Parts, CGL Other Provisions and Additional Insureds.

2IC : Commercial Casualty II This course, like Commercial Casualty I, strengthens your ability to have productive, assured interactions with your commercial customers in the area of commercial casualty exposures and coverages. In this course the focus is the Business Auto Policy, the Workers Compensation Policy and Excess Liability Policies. You will improve your understanding in each of these areas.

Topics include Business Auto Exposures and Coverages, Workers Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance Policy, Commercial Umbrella and Excess Liability Policies.

IP : Insuring Commercial Property Commercial property insurance is one of your business customers' greatest concerns. You'll improve your cross-selling abilities with up-to-date knowledge of commercial property coverage, and reduce E&O exposures. This course gives you the skills to address these issues with greater ease and confidence.

Topics include Fundamentals of Commercial Property Insurance, Building and Personal Property Coverage Form, Causes of Loss Forms, Basics of Time Element Insurance and
Basics of Commercial Inland Marine Insurance.

PR : Insuring Personal Residential Property This course gives you the expertise you need to guide your customers through the often complex and confusing process of purchasing homeowners insurance - and help them make decisions that insure their most valuable assets.

Topics include Introduction to the Homeowners Policy, Homeowners Policy Section I, Homeowners Policy Section II and Tenants, Unit-Owners, and the Dwelling Policy.

PA : Insuring Personal Auto Exposures After taking this course, you will be able to assist your clients in identifying their exposures and more effectively advise them in the processes of analyzing, obtaining, and modifying their personal automobile policies.

Topics include Introduction to the Personal Auto Policy, Liability Coverages, Medical Payments Coverage, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage, Coverage for Damage to Your Auto
and Provisions.

PM : Personal Lines Miscellaneous This course addresses the exposures created by watercraft, recreational vehicles, and business activities often encountered when working with personal lines clients. Prompting your client to identify these exposures is crucial, because the ISO Homeowners and ISO Personal Auto Programs provide only very limited coverage. You will be better able to design the appropriate coverage for these exposures. The course will also provide an analysis of the important coverage offered through personal umbrella or excess liability policies.

Topics include Watercraft Exposures & Coverages, Recreational Vehicles, Business Activities of Personal Lines Clients, and Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability.

ELR : Elements of Risk Management – Insurance professionals need training in the risk management process for two reasons. First, insurance is an integral part of their client's overall risk management program. Second, services provided by carriers, agencies and brokerages are often significant items in the organization's cost of risk.

In this eight-hour course we will cover each of the five powerful steps in this process, which protects not only the organization's assets, but also its mission and its brand.

Topics include The Risk Management Process & Risk Terms, Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk Finance and Risk Administration.

AO : Agency Operations – This course helps make you an indispensable team player in any insurance agency. As you work with colleagues and customers, you will do so with enhanced
self-assurance and a greater understanding of the dynamics within insurance organizations. Also, understanding how agencies operate is essential training for both insurance agency and company personnel.

Topics include Legal & Ethical Requirements, The Insurance Agency, The Insurance Industry and Marketplace, Communication, Agency Workflow, Account Management and Errors & Omissions.

LHE : Life & Health Essentials This course will help build a better understanding of what your clients need to know about life and health insurance. Explaining the benefits of having the proper life and health insurance is key to the financial wellbeing of your clients’ families and businesses.
Be better prepared to answer questions about analyzing the need for and placement of life insurance.

Health insurance includes a diverse assortment of policies, from medical expense coverage to vision care and dental coverage, plus a variety of delivery systems and health plans designed to manage the high cost of care.

Topics include an Introduction to Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance
Health Insurance Concepts, Regulation and Consumer Driven Plans.

COST: $160.00 per participant per course. $170.00 per participant for CISR Dynamics of Service.

You may take any seminar in any sequence that you wish. To earn your CISR designation, you must complete and pass any combination of five examinations of the nine courses within three years of passing your first CISR exam. None of the courses are mandatory.
                        DATE                         SEMINAR                                                                                                                   CITY                                              CE HOURS
    September 24 CISR Insuring Personal Lines Miscellaneous Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7
    October 1 CISR Elements of Risk Management Seminar Yuma Online Pdf 7
    October 7 CISR Insuring Personal Residential Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7
    October 21 CISR Insuring Commercial Casualty 1 Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7
    October 28 CISR Insuring Commercial Property Seminar Flagstaff Online Pdf 7
    November 5 CISR Agency Operations Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7
    November 6 CISR Insuring Commercial Property Seminar Lake Havasu Online Pdf 7
    November 18 CISR Insuring Personal Automobile Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7
    November 20 CISR William T. Hold Commercial Lines Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7
    December 9 CISR Insuring Commercial Property Seminar Tucson Online Pdf 7
    December 11 CISR Elements of Risk Management Seminar Phoenix Online Pdf 7



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