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Saturday, 12/20/2014email print

Senate and House Bills

Click on any of the bills listed below to see the full version.



HB2356 (Insurance; Prohibited Inducements): This bill increases the rebate amount from agents from $10 to $25. The national average is higher than $25. PASSED

HB2357 (Insurance; Fees; Exemptions): This bill clarifies the statute that restricts fees from being charged on personal lines insurance but allows fees to be charged on commercial lines if certain requirements are met. It is clarifying that it is (in some instances) LEGAL to charge fees on commercial lines. PASSED

HB2565 (Insurance; Website Posting of Policies): This bill would allow insurers to post some policies and endorsements on their website rather than mailing them to the insured. This bill is just a “clean up” bill because this is already being done by a lot of companies. The bill allows policy holders to continue to receive a hard copy. PASSED

SB1241 (Teenage Drivers; Communication Devices Prohibited): Unfortunately, this bill died before getting a full Senate vote. This bill would have made it illegal for teenage drivers to use a cell phone while driving, except in the case of an emergency. Some of the legislators felt that this was “big government” and did not support it. FAILED

H2275 (Insurance Premium Tax; Reduction): We showed support for this bill because it could improve Arizona’s ability to attract insurance companies. The insurance premium tax rate is decreased from 2 percent to 1.9 percent in 2014, 1.8 percent in 2015, and 1.7 percent in 2016 and after. FAILED

HB2295 (Insurance Tax Credit; High-Tech Investments): We supported this bill because it could improve Arizona’s ability to attract insurance companies. This bill establishes an insurance premium tax credit for 20 percent of the amount invested by the insurer in a high technology business. If the amount of the credit exceeds tax liability, the amount not used to offset the tax is refunded. The credits must be approved by the Arizona Commerce Authority, and the maximum amount of credits the Authority may approve are specified. This bill would bring Arizona into the 21st century. FAILED

HB2534 (Insurance; Form Filing): Statute requiring insurance policy forms to be filed at least 30 days in advance of any delivery and declaring forms approved 30 days after filing unless the Department of Insurance disapproves. The bill applies to contracts and policy forms filed with the Department by a dental or optometric service corporation, and does not apply to contracts or policy forms issued by a hospital service corporation, medical service corporation or hospital and medical service corporation. Retroactive to April 1, 2013. PASSED

HB2546 (Insurance; Guaranty Fund):  This was not legislation intended to change any laws, rather it created a committee to study the impact if the legislature change the law in the future. Numerous changes to statutes relating to the administration of life and disability insurance insolvencies and the Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty Fund. Specifies the policies and contracts covered by these regulations. Establishes limitations on the amount of benefits that the Fund may become obligated to cover. The Fund is authorized to assume the rights and obligations of a ceding member insurer that relate to policies or annuities covered by the Fund, subject to specified conditions. The total of all assessments on a member insurer for each account is prohibited from exceeding in any calendar year two percent of the member insurer's average annual premiums received in Arizona. [Capitol Reports Note: Legislative staff indicate that these changes conform statute to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty Fund Model Act.]. PASSED



HB2358 (Insurance; Licensees; Continuing Education Requirements): This bill expands the current continuing education law to include ALL producers in Arizona. Under the new law, anyone with a nonresident license will have to complete 48 hours of continuing education every licensing cycle. Anyone with ONLY a resident license that was licensed AFTER January 1, 1995 will also have to complete 48 hours of continuing education every licensing cycle. Six of the 48 hours will have to be dedicated to ethics training. Our association will increase the number of FREE CE qualified courses. We have assigned Amy Cronkhite in our office to become our specialist on this subject. Please contact her with any questions you may have regarding this bill. PASSED

SB1075 (Vehicle Impoundment; Immobilization): We have been following this bill very closely because of its similarity to other unfavorable impound bills. However, this bill has no negative impact to agents and/or brokers and only seeks to close a loop hole in the towing regulations in the state. PASSED

HB2469 (Personal Information; Encrypted Data): This bill started out as a horrible bill for small businesses. It would have required any Arizona business that collected personal information to use US military standard encryption levels for email and other electronic communications. This would have been extremely expensive for small businesses because it would have required them to install very expensive and complicated software. Thankfully this bill has been amended to only affect state agencies. This bill has a start date several years out so there is a chance it will not ever go into effect. PASSED We were originally opposed but switched to neutral after they added the amendment that removed its application to our members.



HB2397 (Vehicle Impoundment; Lack of Insurance): This bill would have required police officers to impound any vehicle found to be driving without insurance. Although the concept is well intended the E&O exposures to producers would have been staggering. We are against this bill because of the potential legal ramifications it could have on agents. FAILED

SB1395 (Insurance; Credit Scoring): Insurers are prohibited from using credit ratings, reports, scoring or information to underwrite, classify or rate insurance policies. Insurers are prohibited from cancelling, renewing or refusing to issue an insurance policy based on credit ratings, reports, scoring or information. FAILED



HB2550 (Health Insurance; Policies; Rating Areas): The Director of the Department of Insurance is required to ensure that the state retains its full authority to regulate health insurance policies and contracts, taking into consideration the enactment of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Health insurers subject to PPACA are prohibited from issuing a contract or policy or otherwise transacting insurance inconsistent with the applicable provisions of PPACA. Establishes "rating areas" (defined as an area within which a health insurer cannot vary rates based on geography) for the issuance of individual and small group health insurance policies and contracts, with some exceptions. Conditionally repealed as of the date a specified section of the PPACA is declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court or is repealed by the U.S. Congress.  PASSED

HB2560 (Travel Insurance Producer Licensing): A travel retailer is permitted to offer and issue travel insurance under a limited lines travel insurance producer business entity license under specified conditions. Any travel retailer offering travel insurance is required to make available to prospective purchasers written materials that explain certain aspects of travel insurance. (P.S. if anyone knows what TSA did with my notebook power cord, please let me know!) FAILED

SB1218 (Text Messaging While Driving; Prohibition): It is a nonmoving civil traffic violation to use a wireless communication device to send or receive a written message while operating a motor vehicle. Some exceptions. Violations are subject to a civil penalty of $100 for a first violation and $300 for a second or subsequent violation, or $300 if the person is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Emergency clause. FAILED


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