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Management Institutes

  Evaluate your agency’s performance and establish the framework for a high-valued agency with continued growth.    Plan a strategy that focuses on profitability, growth, staffing and survival. Energize your agency’s customer service to exceed the competition. Identify your sales management abilities and achieve record sales utilizing proven methods.

Agency Self-Diagnostic Tool: This unique resource helps participants evaluate their agency’s performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan to increase their agency’s value. Focus areas include evaluation of key external influences, management issues and operations and performance. Participants will have the opportunity to examine agency-specific issues and receive guidance to effectively deal with areas of concern.

Best Practices Study: This extensive report details inner workings of today’s most successful agencies, providing benchmarks, by agency size, for participants to measure their agencies against the best in the United States.

Customer Service Made Simple: From marketing for growth to online services, this session prioritizes tactics to help you set and achieve your customer service goals. Learn how to lead your team to better evaluate customer feedback, increase the number of policies written and significantly improve account retention and development.

Disaster Planning: Whether catastrophic or stressful disruption, the best way to prepare for any potential disaster is crisis management. Now, while you have the luxury of not being in the midst of the emergency, is the time to apply clear-headed thinking to develop a plan. A plan ready to automatically kick into gear at the moment you need it most – the moment the disaster strikes. A plan that will allow you and your staff to quickly mobilize the right resources in the right order to get you up and running as smoothly as possible, with as many contingencies as possible accounted for in advance. A plan that will minimize panic, frustration and give you a track to run on at a moment when thinking clearly may not be easy or possible.

Power of Change: Do you want more POWER to meet your customers' requirements and your profit and productivity goals? Then you need The POWER of Change- that stands for "Performance Oriented Workflows Ensure Results". Based on materials developed and published by ACORD, and industry partners, you'll see the five steps towards the successful completion of change in your organization’s workflows. In this overview, learn how, with The POWER of Change seminar, you can manage change and not let it manage you.

Joint Agency/Company Planning Tool: This resource helps agencies identify their production and performance with each of their carriers and serves as a useful tool in setting goals for your agency with each company you represent.

Best Practices of Leadership Sales Organizations: This sales study looks at the business philosophies, strategies and practices of some of the leading sales organizations in the United States and compares them with leading insurance agencies.

Leading Sales & Top Producers – Discover, Train, Reward: This session will guide participants through the critical steps to finding the right people for the job. The comprehensive guide used in the session includes the IIABA Guide to Producer Contracts and the Sales Potential Quick Check.

Business Perpetuation & Management Succession: This study provides motivation and useful information to owners who are currently or will soon address the issue of business perpetuation. The report presents the combined findings of two parallel studies; exit strategies of privately-held non-insurance businesses, and independent insurance agencies that have successfully addressed perpetuation and succession challenges.

Five Practices of Highly Effective Leaders: This session outlines a handbook that helps agency leaders successfully guide their agencies through periods of change and uncertainty. It presents case studies of how agency leaders apply five practices to accomplish superior results through employees. It includes techniques to build and lead effective teams, identify productivity improvements and cost savings, improve customer service and increase employee effectiveness.

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