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Special Event Liability Coverage Program

page updated 5/27/14



  1. Event held on City, County or Public School Property
  2. Only covers spectators
  3. City/County must be a member of MMIA/MACO/MSGIA
  4. Public School must be insured by MSGIA


Excluded Events:

  • Circus and carnivals including rides
  • Mechanical amusement devices (ex: mechanical bulls)
  • Motorized sporting event
  • Tractor/truck pulls
  • Boxing, wrestling, hockey, contact karate events (including practice)
  • Rodeos and roping events (including practice)
  • Aircraft and balloon events
  • Professional sporting events
  • Pyrotechnical uses/firework shows
  • Heavy metal, alternative music, hip hop and rap concerts (require prior underwriting approval)
  • Moonbounces and trampolines
  • Veterinary legal liability (no animals)

Important Links

How to Submit a Special Event Application

Program Manual


Tenant/User and Instructor

Nominee Event

(not sure which application to use? click here)

Tenant/User Event
An event that is held or sponsored by companies, organizations, or individuals that have been permitted to use the city, county or public school property.
  (Ex: Weddings, auto shows, concerts, charity benefits). Fill out pages 1 and 2 of the application.


Total Event Attendance

Premium Range











Instructor/Recreation Event
An event that is instructional to its participants. Ex: Sports classes, club meetings, dog obedience, yoga. Premium is rated per total class attendance regardless of how many days/weeks of instruction. Fill out pages 1-3 of the application 



1-125 Attendance

126+ Attendance

Hazard I - Non Sport Instruction

$50.00 flat rate


Hazard II - Sport Instruction Only

$100.00 flat rate


attendance over 126 requires company approval & an additional charge.

Nominee Event
An event held or sponsored by the public entity on the city, county or public school property. Ex: Helena High School obtains coverage for a dance.)

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How to Submit a Special Event:

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Email, fax or mail the application to Joni Pancoast. Email: processing@iiamt.org, Fax: (406) 442-8263. See #4 for address.
  3. You will receive an email with approval and final premium amount.
  4. Send full premium payment (made payble to PRIM) and original application to:

3131 Dredge Drive
Helena MT 59602


Additional Program Information:

The Special Events Liability Insurance Program is owned by the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority, (MMIA), and marketed and serviced by members in good standing of the IIAM through Public Risk Insurance Management Inc. (PRIM). This is a master policy owned by the MMIA that offers Special Events Liability coverage for individual events taking place on the property or facilities of MMIA Cities and Towns, Montana Association of Counties, and MSGIA member schools. 

Events qualifying for coverage through underwriting guidelines can be added to the Master Policy via certificate.  PRIM will issue the certificates of insurance as authorized by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. 

For this program PRIM is working with a General Agent (GA) wholesaler and the local agent will be the servicing agent only and share commissions with PRIM. (See more at Complying with Montana Law & Company Appointments)

Acceptable Business:

This program is designed specifically for Special events Liability Insurance in Montana public entity. This coverage, if acceptable under program guidelines, will be written as a moneyed endorsement to a master policy.

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Program Availability:

This program is available to all IIAM members in good standing as long as they maintain the standards established for this program.  Each member in good standing will be responsible to review and acknowledge their understanding of the complete the program underwriting guidelines and program compliance standards.  PRIM reserves the right to remove access to this program for any agent that does not comply with all guidelines, statutory requirements, possible training and operating standards as determined by PRIM and the MMIA. 

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Tenant/User and Instructor Application   - This application is used for events that are held or sponsored by companies, organizations, or individuals that have been permitted to use the public entity's premises (Third party events).  This application is also used for events that are instructional to its participants.  Instructors are not employees of the public entity, but provide instructional services for a fee.  (NOTE: Participant coverage requires signed waivers).

Nominee Event Application  - This application is used for events that are held or sponsored by the public entity, or by any department or division, thereof.  Coverage can be expanded to cover co-sponsors if desired.  This is not a self-rated program, and must be approved and rated by the insurance company (Alliant Insurance Services, Inc).

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Montana insurance law, 33-17-236, MCA is as follows: Appointments of insurance producers by insurers. (1) An insurance producer may not claim to be a representative of or an authorized or appointed insurance producer of or use another term implying a contractual relationship with a particular insurer unless the insurance producer is an appointed insurance producer of that insurer pursuant to this section.

However, Montana insurance law allows sharing of commission under 33-17-1103, MCA, Accepting and paying commissions, fees, or consideration - restrictions.

At no time should a producer hold themselves out as a representative of a company for which they are not licensed. The following conditions must apply for a producer to be in compliance with Montana insurance law:

1. Have an appointment with the carrier that is issuing the policy.

2. Have the business placed with a licensed producer, (this could also include a wholesaler that producers know as a general agent), that is appointed with the carrier and clearly inform the consumer that you are not a contractual representative of the carrier writing the policy or policies. You may share commissions as outlined in insurance law reprinted here. We also recommend that the file be clearly documented that you have informed the insured that you are not a contractual representative of the insurer.

3. An agent not appointed should not sign any application or policy of a carrier that they are not appointed with. Care should be taken that the appointed producer of record signs the necessary document.

For this program PRIM is working with a General Agent (GA) wholesaler and the local agent will be the servicing agent only and share commissions with PRIM. 

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