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Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
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Insurance can be a complicated industry with many groups representing companies (both independent agent companies and direct writer), consumers, attorneys, medical practitioners, brokers, and agents themselves. New legislation is constantly being introduced and new regulations are proposed every month. 

To support members, and provide a balanced insurance climate for New Jersey consumers, the IIABNJ Government Affairs Committee proactively works to develop legislation and regulations, review and monitor proposals, and recommends changes to improve the marketplace. Similarly, the Big ‘I’ Government Affairs team continuously addresses federal legislative and regulatory issues that affect independent agents, working behind the scenes to influence legislation before it becomes law.

Collectively, IIABNJ’s Government Affairs Committee has years of experience dealing with legislators and legislation. To review the association’s organization goals, government affairs commitment, and a list of the individuals who sit on the Government Affairs Committee, please log in by entering your username and password above.



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