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IIABO Course Descriptions

A Practical Guide to Agency E&O Risk Management (6hrs) OR/WA  -Your agency faces a serious risk of dealing with an E&O claim in the future.  Customer expectations are high and many people want "everything" covered.  You need to prepare to defend these claims now!  Learn what employees at every level can do to prevent an E&O claim or what they should do to make the claim more defensible.  Dave DeHart has appeared as an expert witness in many E&O cases and will provide valuable information on this issue.  This class may also qualify your agency for a ten percent (10%) discount on E&O premiums.

Best Practices of Certificates of Insurance (3hrs) OR/WA -The improper use of certificates of insurance is the leading cause of new agent E & O claims. This class will teach students what you can and cannot do in the handling of certificates and how it is easy to inadvertently “create” coverage not intended or provided by the carrier.

Business Disaster Preparedness Planning (3hrs) OR/WA  -Did you know that 43% of businesses never re-open after a disaster experience and 29% close within 2 years?  But a written business disaster plan can help prevent it.  Find out why this frequently overlooked process is crucial to your office as well as your clients to enable all of you to stay in business.  Learn to develop a plan and walk-through the steps needed to get a business back on its feet with as little disruption as possible.

Commercial Auto Insurance (3hrs) OR/WA  -Learn more about the many aspects of insuring business auto.   This class covers exposures, coverage solutions, rating considerations and the various endorsements available to customize commercial auto policies.   A good class for anybody handling commercial auto insurance.

Commercial Umbrella Analysis (6hrs) OR/WA - In a society becoming ever more litigious, it is more important than ever that your commercial accounts have adequate liability limits.  The "Commercial Umbrella" class not only provides 6hrs of CE, it will also give you the knowledge you need to properly craft an excess liability policy.  Learn about exclusions, pitfalls to avoid and how many times the umbrella can actually provide primary coverage.  If you want to make sure you are doing the right job for your commercial accounts this is a class for you.

Contractual Liability (3hrs) OR/WA - Contractual Liability takes many forms.  Some are common such as lessor/lessee or owner/contractor.  Some are more exotic, elevator maintenance or sidetrack agreements.  It is very important for the commercial producer/CSR to have a good understanding of the many ways contractual liability can be created by the actions of an insured, and how to insure. This is an excellent class for all commercial agents regardless of experience level.

Cyber Liability (3hrs) OR/WA - Cyber Liability is an emerging and EXPANDING exposure that agents must learn more about to properly protect their clients. This class will help you recognize Cyber exposures, learn claims mitigation techniques and how coverage can be structured.
Difference in Conditions (3hrs) OR/WA - This is not a mainstream coverage, but it could be critical in properly protecting a larger account.  DIC coverage may be a way to insure for flood, earthquake and landslide.  This class will help you become coversant with this coverage and learn how it might be used with your larger accounts.

The Dirty Dozen (3hrs) OR/WA - This very interesting and interactive class will take you through twelve case studies designed to analyze significant coverage issues encountered when writing commercial and personal lines insurance.    Some of these case studies may surprise you.

Earthquake Hazards in the NW (3hrs) OR/WA - Living in the Northwest is one of the potentially most dangerous places in North America.  Learn about our history of past damaging earthquakes; those lurking in the future; and where the hazards lie.  Discuss how you can protect your business and home from extensive damage.  Hear what the experts predict will be the impact from the next “Big One” and how to prepare for it.

EPLI (3hrs) OR/WA - Employers can find themselves subject to litigation due to a variety of improper employment practices.  In this class you will learn to recognize the exposures that result from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a hostile work environment and improper interviewing techniques. This is an ever growing exposure for your commercial clients.  The class is designed for anybody selling or handling business accounts.

Exclusions - An Agent's Nightmare (3hrs) OR - Coverage doesn't cause problems.  It's the exclusions that cause problems.  This 3-hour seminar focuses on various exclusions found on personal and commercial policies.  A hands on discussion of the top 24 exclusions that cause agency problems.  The student will learn what the actual exclusion means and the court cases that have held up on the exclusion wording.

Farm (6 hrs) OR/WA - Your client may have a farm exposure and not even know it.  This class will help the student learn about farm coverage and how to properly insure out buildings, farm supplies and equipment.  More and more of your insured’s are moving into “farm” country and many may not know how this impacts their insurance needs. Learn what is covered under the standard homeowner’s policy and when you need the special coverage available only on a true farm policy.

Garage & Truckers Insurance (3hrs) OR/WA - Proper coverage for garages and truckers can be complex without a solid understanding of exposures, coverages, rating basics and underwriting considerations.  This class is filled with information that will help you do a better job for many of your commercial clients.

Insuring Home Businesses (3hrs) OR/WA - With ever more frequency, people are doing business from their homes.    The internet has provided the opportunity for a “virtual” office right at home.   In this class you will learn when this exposure can exist and how it can and should be covered.   This is a good class for both personal and commercial lines agents.

Introduction to Property and Liability Insurance (12 hrs) OR/WA - This course will help you better understand your role in insurance. This course is an excellent starting point for almost anyone in risk management, insurance, and related fields. It covers a wide range of topics in a thorough manner. You will gain a general understanding of how the property-casualty insurance business works. You will be able to deal more effectively with others in the profession and better understand your role in making insurance work. You will earn a Certificate of Completion for passing the exam for this course. Topics covered will be:What Insurance Is, How It Is Sold, What Underwriting Is, How Insurance Service Is Provided, How Claims Are Handled, What Is In an Insurance Policy, What Personal and Commercial Insurance Are, How Premiums Are Determined, Insurance in a Changing World.  This course concludes with an optional exam on request which consists of fifty objective (multiple-choice) questions. Time allotted: 2 hours.  The exam is taken on paper at your workplace when you are ready.

Law & Ethics (3/3hrs) OR/WA - Satisfies the mandatory requirement by the Oregon/Washington Insurance Divisions for 3 hours Law and 3 hours Ethics per license renewal period.

Management Liability (6hrs) OR/WA -This is an important class for agency owners, those in management positions or producers of commercial insurance.   You will learn about the many ways companies find themselves in litigation due to improper handling of issues such as compliance with ADA, hostile work environment, poor hiring/termination practices and others.  You will also learn how you can properly insure these exposures, both for your agency and your business clients.

Personal Lines Q&A / Commercial Lines Q&A (3/3hrs) OR/WA - Case study and question-and-answer session on personal lines and commercial lines issues.

Personal Lines Toys (3hrs) OR/WA - Jet skis, snow mobiles, dune buggies and motorcycles are just a few of the “toys” owned by today’s personal lines customer.   This class covers how to protect these toys, watercraft, jewelry and fine arts. You will also learn what coverage is provided by standard homeowners’ policies and when you get specialty coverages.

Professional Errors and Omissions (3hrs) OR/WA - This program is designed for agents handling commercial accounts who want to learn more about how customers can become exposed to a “professional” exposure, how to prevent claims and how best to provide coverage.   A checklist will be provided to each student.

Understanding Flood (3hrs) OR/WA - Meets the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004 Requirements - refer to the Insurance Division Bulletin Ins 2007-3.

Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR)

Personal Lines:

ACSR 1 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA - Homeowners Coverages - Learn eligibility requirements.  Identify specific Section 1 & II coverage features. Understand exclusions and limitations.  Review HO forms for tenants and condo owners.  Learn important endorsements.

ACSR 2 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA - Personal Auto Coverages - Learn legal liability and automobile exposures.  Identify specific coverages: liability, medical payments, UM/UIM, physical damage. Learn important endorsements.  Learn what coverages to offer to clients.

ACSR 3 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA - Personal Lines Related Coverages - Personal lines is much more than just auto and homeowners.  The personal lines professional needs an understanding of the many miscellaneous forms such as dwelling fire, personal umbrella, fine arts, jewelry and in-home business.  This class is ideal for the student who wants to better understand how to provide coverage and avoid gaps for personal lines clients.

Commercial Lines:

ACSR 6 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA - Commercial Property Coverages -Commercial accounts can mean big money for you and your agency. Making sure these accounts are written properly increases new business and helps retain accounts. By understanding the scope of commercial property coverage’s and becoming familiar with the factors affecting commercial property rating, you build and/or reinforce the confidence and respect of your colleagues and clients.

ACSR 7 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA - Commercial Liability Coverages - Review of CGL forms.  Discussion of coverage enhancements and endorsements.

ACSR 8 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA - Commercial Auto Coverages - You can’t properly handle commercial accounts without a good understanding of auto.  Do you know what is covered under a garage keeper’s legal liability policy?  What is excluded?  Do you understand how proper selection of symbols can trigger coverage?  This class provides an in-depth review of Business Auto, Garage Keepers and Truckers coverages.  You will come away understanding more about the auto related exposures facing your commercial accounts

ACSR 9 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs)WA - Commercial Lines Related Coverages - Commercial insurance is not just property and liability.  The true commercial expert is conversant on a wide variety of miscellaneous coverages such as workers compensation, crime, fidelity, BOP packaging and inland marine.  This course is ideal for the student learning about commercial or the experienced employee who wants a refresher.

Core Lines:

ACSR 4 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA – Errors and Omissions Loss Control - This program will stress to individuals working in agencies and brokerages that errors and omissions losses are, for the most part, preventable. You will gain an understanding of what causes E&O claims and how procedures can be implemented to prevent or reduce future errors and omissions losses.

ACSR 5 (7hrs) OR/ (6hrs) WA – Professional Development and Account Management - This program recognizes that both service and sales are daily responsibilities of the CSR. It gives CSRs the chance to become a key resource in the agency and prepare for broader responsibilities by enhancing professional development and selling skills.



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