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Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers
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Saturday, 10/25/2014email print

Be a Part of the IIABO Grassroots Network!

The Independent Agents and Brokers of America have rallied agents from across the country to participate in the National Legislative Conference for several years.  Our collective voices are heard by elected officials in DC and the strength of our message allows the IIABA lobbyists to be more effective as they attempt to influence federal legislation.  The power of the grassroots is felt throughout Capitol Hill each spring.  We think it is time that Oregon Independent Insurance Agents marshal our collective talents and local connections to protect our interests in Salem.


As you know, ours is a highly regulated industry. Most of the laws that directly affect us are passed by the Oregon Legislature, and developed into regulations by the Insurance Division. Sometimes, it seems like there is little that we can do about legislation that adversely affects our business.

Like it or not, we are, all, involved in politics. Some of us are active. Some of us are passive. Those who choose to be passive must realize that those who are active will determine the rules by which we must live and do business.  Do you want to have some influence on your future, and the future of our industry in Oregon? If your answer is “YES”, we would like to invite you to get involved. It won't take much work and we will make it simple for you to contact your legislator with sample emails and phone “scripts”.

Senators and Representatives, in the Oregon Legislature, are highly sensitive to the opinions of the folks back home—the ones whose votes put them in office. If you know one of them, contributed to a campaign, let them put a sign in your yard, attend the same church, worked on a campaign, do business with them, they will listen, to you. Even if you don't have such a connection, they will listen to you, if they know that you live in their district.

We are developing a “grassroots” network, to inform our legislators about our industry; to let them hear from their neighbors and constituents about the likely effect of their votes on various insurance related bills. By keeping them informed, it is more likely that legislation will be more beneficial to us, and to our clients. If we don't deliver our message actively, the only thing they will hear is the view of those who may not be working in our best interest or that of our clients.


Simply share with us the grassroots connections you or your agency colleagues have today with Oregon senators and representatives.  Please join us today in this effort to help IIABO's lobbyist, Roger Beyer, continue to be an effective voice for us in Salem! 


John Timm                                           Mike Courtney

John Timm, President IIABO                                   Mike Courtney

Timmco Insurance, Inc.                                                                        Courtney Insurance Agency, Inc.



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