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Saturday, 10/25/2014email print

IIABO 2012 84th Annual Convention & Trade Show

Title Sponsors: Liberty Northwest / Safeco Insurance

Members of the Liberty Mutual Group



In August, Jon Schallert will be presenting two workshops “Capturing Over-Marketed Consumers” and “Increasing Internet and Social Media Profitability” at the IIABO Annual Convention, August 26 – 28, 2012, Sunriver Resort, Sunriver, Oregon. These are two great topics that will be helpful for independent agents. While marketing and advertising are the primary ways we connect to prospects, sometimes causing a consumer to choose you over a competitor begins by making extremely visible changes to your business that consumers instantly pick up.

Jon Schallert is the only consultant in the world teaching businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into “Consumer Destinations”. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his “Destination Business” principles, which he developed after more than twenty five years of on-site consultations with small business owners.

Here is a look at the two workshops Jon will be conducting in Sunriver this year:

"Capturing Today's Over-Marketed Consumers"

Entrepreneurs and small business owners appreciate Jon Schallert's marketing advice in "Capturing Today's Over-Marketed Consumers. Effective marketing and advertising strategies are necessary to bond today's consumer to a business. In fact, consumers have become so sophisticated in repelling advertising and marketing today, that the successful business must use new tactics to "sell" a consumer who repeatedly insists on not being "sold".
Jon has presented this session for numerous business and trade associations, international retail groups, and product manufacturers. This session has been sponsored by Small Business Development Centers across the country, in numerous chambers of commerce, and three times at the National Main Street Center's National Town Meeting, in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

In this session, Jon Schallert illustrates how customers today repel marketing and advertising advances. Then, Jon shows how most of the advertising and marketing dollars that are spent are wasted, and how to create an immediate sales and customer traffic increase, using marketing that customers willingly believe and accept. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of their own marketing strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to change unsuccessful habits upon returning to their businesses.

"Increasing Internet and Social Media Profitability for Small Businesses"

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know the power of the Internet, and the growth of this social networking. Unfortunately, too many small business owners are not realizing online marketing's full-potential. Many still believe the Internet is primarily to be used for e-commerce. This misconception and the proliferation of incorrect advice about the Internet lead many small business owners to simply throw up their hands at the thought of using the Internet as an effective marketing tool.
Small business owners and entrepreneurs will appreciate that Jon Schallert uses actual examples from the thousands of businesses he has worked with, to show how the Internet can be used profitably in every small business.
In this session, Jon Schallert will address the negative Internet experiences of small business owners, and show the nine (9) "Must-Have" priorities of every website. Jon will show how the Internet can be turned into the most believable, cost-effective, highest response form of branded marketing, all while running a small business. Jon will demystify the use of search engines, and show even the novice Internet-savvy business owner how to implement an Internet strategy. Finally, Jon will show proven examples of using social media to drive traffic and sales to a business.

These two workshops will bring value to your agency and solid advice that can lead to improved sales and profitability!



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