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Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, Inc.
Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, Inc.
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Retirement Planning Services ____________________________________________________________________

Turning Your Retirement Questions Into Answers - Having trouble deciding which retirement plan is right for you or your agency? Big "I" Retirement Services is here to help you choose which plan best meets your circumstances. We’ve worked with more than 1,000 agencies to help them achieve their retirement goals.

Roll Over Your Plan and Save - Our advisers are available to all IIABA members to provide consultation on existing and new plans alike at no cost or obligation. At Big "I" Retirement Services, we consider you a member first, and a client second. Whether we’re building a new plan for your agency from the ground up or simply rolling over your existing plan in order to save you money with our low administrative fees, we strive to make your experience with us pleasant, professional, and hassle-free.

A Plan for Every Need - Whether your goal is to maximize owners’ contributions, lower your agency’s tax burden, or retain key employees, our retirement professionals can tailor and customize a plan to fit your needs.

The Big "I" Advantage 
Aside from the fact that independent agents like you are the only clients we serve, there are some other advantages that make us different. Consider:

  • Quality Investments - Participants have their choice of several investment options that cover the risk/reward spectrum. Investments are closely monitored, and are offered at institutional pricing and rates. Be sure to check out our current fixed rate, a popular investment option.
    401(k) Rates of Return  |   IRA Rates of Return  |  About Due Dilligence 
  • State-of-the-Art Adminstration - All aspects of the plan are bundled, including form filings, quarterly statements, document maintenance, enrollments, and transition support. One low fee pays for complete plan services, so you can focus on running your agency instead of diverting resources to managing the plan.
  • IIABA Backing and Support - With over 25 years in the retiremnt business, the Big "I" serves as a strong advocate for participating agencies. Whether it concerns a complicated transition from another provider, or perhaps a sale of the agency, we know your business, understand your market, and can grasp your needs.
Already have a plan with Big "I" Retirement?  Click Here

Having trouble deciding? Download a detailed Summary of Plans or contact Christine Munoz at 800-848-4401 or christine.munoz@iiaba.net for a free plan consultation.


 Plans for Agencies

Plans for Individuals

  • Regular IRA
    The Regular IRA allows you to contribute up to $4,000 per person in tax-deductible contributions for 2005 (plus $500 per person if age 50 or older).   There is no minimum balance requirements, no front-end or back-end sales charges, no restrictions on transfers between investment options, and no market rate adjustments for transfers between funds. 
  • Roth IRA
    The Roth IRA has all of the great program features and investment options as the IIAA Regular IRA.  It is eligible for non-deductible contributions up to $4,000 annually, but unlike the Regular IRA, it does not treat withdrawals as taxable income.  In a Roth, contributions can be withdrawn tax-free after five years and age 59 ½, or without penalty for the first home purchase and higher education.  A Roth IRA account may also be passed on to your heirs income tax-free. 











This is not a solicitation of insurance coverage in any state or jurisdiction where the agency is not licensed.


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